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Since 2011

We started out in 1997. In 2004 our company was one of the first to offer ready-made logos on the Net, through our Biz-Logo web site. We called them "pre-designed logos".

Our success with ready-made logos attracted interest from designers who asked permission to sell their logos on our Biz-Logo platform. In 2011, after seven months of intense development, we responded by launching the first version of LogoGround.com. LogoGround is our idea of the perfect logo selling world, based on everything we've learned since 2004. We continue to learn and we continue to fine-tune LogoGround, constantly making improvements and adding features as we go. Much of the credit goes to our community of designers for their help in shaping the site.



Graphics Factory CC is the parent company. The company was registered in 2008 in South Africa. Yes, we are based way down on the scenic South Coast of South Africa. LogoGround, like our other web sites, was built from the ground up to be as international as possible, with online systems refined over the past decade. We serve designers and clients across six continents. Still holding out for Antarctica.


LogoGround Mission

To help logo designers earn according to their abilities, regardless of geography.


The Team

LogoGround was founded by Andre le Roux. Andre holds a bachelor's degree in fine art and was involved in fine art education for five years before moving into design. Andre actively participates in LogoGround as a logo seller.

Andre is assisted by a small but experienced team of in-house designers and admin staff.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We believe that a quality web site with quality logos and quality support needs very little else. No gimmicks or expensive ad campaigns to attract as many visitors as possible. Quality has always had a way of marketing itself, never more so than now. Advances in search engine algorithms and social media means that the Net has become really good at pushing the best stuff to the top. Our focus on quality starts with treating designers fairly. Designers keep a whopping 85% of the money they earn on LogoGround. Happy designers is the first, crucial step to high quality logos.

Unfortunately our emphasis on quality means that we decline many, many logos. If you designed something, took the time to submit it and had it declined, we apologize! We would love for you to continue trying. We believe that a laser-focus on quality is the best way to make LogoGround worthwhile for our logo clients, which is the best way to make sales, which is the best way to make LogoGround worthwhile for you.


Thank you!

Thank you to each designer who signed up to sell logos on LogoGround. Without your talents, LogoGround would be empty. We promise to repay your vote of confidence by giving you the best logo selling platform in the world.

Thank you to all who offered suggestions and help with the development of the site. Your input is instrumental in shaping LogoGround into a high caliber logo selling machine - to everyone's benefit. If you think something can be improved, we want to hear it. Share your ideas in our forum.


Special thanks

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Major Technical Contribution to LogoGround

2015 - Marius van Tubbergh. Advanced PHP and MySQL. Thank you!

Cool Companies and People

2018 - Hostgator, LogoGround's host from 2011 to 2018. Great company, highly recommended.

2018 - SiteGround, LogoGround's current host. Going above and beyond.

2019 - Flagpedia.net, cool country flags.

2021 - MapPNG.com, free maps, flags, etc. (by our parent company)

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