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Logo Seller FAQ

Logo buyers, see our Logo Buyer FAQ here

What is my share?

LogoGround Commission

You receive 85% of the money from your sales. Our share is about 10% and payment processing (PayPal) is about 3.5% to 5.5%. We will pay that. You don't pay the processing fee. You receive the full 85% without any deductions.

You can also choose a Passive account type, in which case you don't have to work with clients (we will do that for you) and your share is then 70%. You can choose (and switch between) account types anytime. More about account types here.


I'm selling logos somewhere else. Can I sell those same logos here too?

Yes, but...

We check each logo. If we find the same logo somewhere else, we may think that you're copying the work of someone else and we may ban you from LogoGround. Please contact us and give us the links to your profile pages on the others sites. We will then add all of them as allowed exceptions on your LogoGround account, so that admins in the future can see that you're the same person.

Logos that are or were offered as templates elsewhere (logos that are sold more than once) may not be offered for sale on LogoGround, ever, under any circumstances. Even if you told us about your stock portfolio and even if the logo was never sold as a template. If it was once offered as a template it may not be uploaded to LogoGround.


How long does it take LogoGround to review/approve/decline a logo?

We review all logos each day, except Sundays, so it usually takes less than 24 hours before you have an answer.


What will happen to my declined logo?

A declined logo will remain on the site (visible only to you) for 10 days. Then our system will automatically delete it. You can also delete it sooner, if you wish.


I can't sign up! What am I doing wrong?

1. On the sign-up form every field is required - including the check box at the bottom of the form.

2. The email address you supply must be valid. Without a valid email address you won't be able to activate your account.

3. Once you filled out the form, check your email. Check your spam folder as well. When the email from LogoGround arrives (usually only seconds after you submit the form), click the link in the email to activate your account. You can also copy that link and paste it in your browser.

4. Your account is now activated, ready to go! Log in here.


Can I REALLY make good money here?

Yes. A designer achieving $100,000 in logo sales or selling a single logo for $3,000 can be done. We know, because both have been done on LogoGround before!

It is going to take some effort on your part though. Designers who hit those numbers work very hard. The most common mistake designers make is to invest too little time. If you upload a few logos and wait for sales to come in before you upload more, you're going to wait a while and possibly get discouraged. Designing ready-made logos - without a design brief - is like fishing. We have big fish around here and you will land one eventually, but if you are looking to make a living off it, get more lines in the water.

We created a separate help page that expands on this topic: Making money in logo design.


I have 1,000 logos ready to go. Can I upload them all?

Good for you. Let's see them!

Before you start:

1. Quality is a big thing around here. We routinely decline good logos for not being brilliant. Take the time to look critically at each logo. Make it as good as you can make it.

2. If you have not had logos approved on LogoGround before, read the designer handbook, then upload only one or two logos as a test. If they are approved you can go into logo-uploading-overdrive. You really don't want to have to re-upload your 1,000 logos because you overlooked a technical requirement!

3. Tempting as it may be, no template descriptions please. Short descriptions are OK, but they must be unique. Ditto for the title and keywords you enter for each logo.


Am I required to make changes to the logo if the buyer requests changes?

That depends on your account type.

If you choose an Active account, you must be available to provide logo revisions within our advertised turnaround time of one business day. If you will not be available to work with clients on refining logos, use the "Pause" button in your account overview page or switch to a Passive account.

Pausing your account hides your logos from prospective buyers. If you do not pause your account and you have an Active account and you then do not respond to clients when one of your logos sell, a LogoGround staff designer will step in to assist the client and you will lose the money from that sale. Fair warning!


What if the buyer does not want changes?

You are still required to post the logo files for the client. This is not automated.

We want clients to have at least one contact with the designer of their logo. They often have questions or want the logo in a specific format, like PSD with layers etc. By asking the designer to post the files we make sure that the buyer has the opportunity to speak to the expert who made the logo. It is a far better service than simply automating it all and leaving the client to figure things out.

It also creates an opportunity for the designer to gain a long-term client. Chances are that your logo buyer also needs business cards etc. By creating a point of contact between the designer and the buyer we more effectively channel the spin-off business to the designer.


Why is my share of the sale reduced?!

If you do all the work, you get your full share of the sale amount, every time. If we have to give the project to a LogoGround staff designer because you failed to respond to the client, your share of the money becomes much, much smaller.

See our reassignment rule for details.

If you inherited this LogoGround account and you can't or don't want to work with clients, we can help! Please read this.


Why did I not get an email when my logo sold?

Normally when you make a sale, our system will send you an email notification. Email is unfortunately unreliable. Emails fail or are delayed for various reasons. It may be that the email is not successfully sent from our server or simply that it ends up in your spam folder. Please do not rely on email notifications! We do emails by the book, but we can almost guarantee that you will occasionally miss sales (and lose money!) if you rely on email notifications. The only way to never miss a sale is to check the site once per day.


Why was the logo I uploaded declined?!

With every logo we decline we provide a reason. Sign in to your account, click "My Logos", then click "Logos I Uploaded". Each logo has a status shown directly below it, for example "For Sale", "Declined" or "Sold". If it was declined you can click on the word "Declined" below the logo to see why it was declined.


Why is everything I upload being declined?!

Don't take it personally! We want the overall quality of work on offer at LogoGround to remain extremely high, so we are much stricter than most other logo selling platforms.

If you are relatively new to logo design, consider uploading your logos to portfolio sites first and inviting feedback from other designers. That's a great way to learn. When you start to get good feedback it may be time to try LogoGround again.

For detailed help on getting logos approved on LogoGround, see this help page.


Can I send an email directly to my logo buyer?

Yes, but only with the logo buyer's permission. You may ask your buyers for their contact information and, if they provide it, you may contact them outside of LogoGround. If you win a long-term client, LogoGround is working like it should! (And you owe us pizza.)


Can I give the client my email address?

Yes, you may. You can correspond with the client outside of LogoGround. We do however require that the logo previews and the final logo files be posted on LogoGround's client system - just so we can make sure that every client receives what they paid for.


Can I upload more than one version of a logo?

No, you can't. Multiple versions of a logo look great in a portfolio, but we're interested in selling. In our experience the best sales strategy is to keep it simple. If the client is confused about what they are buying, that almost always means no sale.


Can I sell my logos for less than $200?

On the Web, logos sold for less are often sold as templates (logos that are resold). We do not resell logos, but very low prices (in the eyes of the client) can create the impression that we do. $200 is the minimum.


Can I sell logos that I entered in contests?

Yes, absolutely. There are a few requirements:

1. The contest must be closed. If the contest holder hasn't selected a winner yet, wait until they do.
2. The logo must not be the winning entry.
3. Please contact us first and give us the URL of your profile page on the contest site, just so we know you're the same person.

Do you accept international logo sellers?

All designers from all countries are welcome here, but there are two important requirements for logo sellers on LogoGround:

1. We pay designers through PayPal only, which may disqualify you if PayPal is not available in your country.

2. You must be able to correspond with your logo buyers in English. We hope to include support for other languages in the future, but for now English is the only officially supported language on LogoGround. You don't have to be fluent! English isn't our first language either and it's not the first language of most of the designers on LogoGround. But you, like the rest of us, have to work to get your English up to a level where it doesn't delay projects or frustrate clients.


I don't have a PayPal Account. Can you pay me another way?

At the moment designer payments are through PayPal only. We realize that this excludes many designers in countries where PayPal is not available. We hope to add additional payment methods soon, but we can not yet say if or when additional payment methods will become available.


Why do you need my real name and surname?

Clients are understandably reluctant to buy intellectual property when the seller is unwilling to disclose his or her identity. We want to give our buyers the assurance that they are dealing with real, reliable, accountable designers and we want you to benefit from that assurance in the form of increased sales.


What if I don't have a surname?

No problem, we know that surnames are not used in every part of the world. If you don't have a surname, enter "Logos" or "Design" or something similar into the surname field, so that your full name on the site reads as, for example, "[your name] Logos".


Where did you get my country information and how do I delete it?

If the country field in your account is blank, the system will try to guess your country based on your IP address. If you delete it, the field becomes blank again and the system will try to guess it again. If you don't want to show your country, type "none" (without the quotation marks) in the country field. That tells the system to show nothing where it would normally show the country.


What is the number next to my profile pic in the header?

It shows how many new notifications you have. You can click on that number to see your notifications. The system notifies you when you have approved/declined logos, when someone likes your logo, when you make sales etc.


I have an unresponsive client. Can you help?

The client has up to 30 days to complete the logo revisions process. As long as the client is reasonable in their expectations and responsive then we recommend letting the project run over the 30 days if necessary. If the client becomes unresponsive and if 30 days have elapsed from the date of the order we will close the project if the designer requests it. At that point the "Final Logo" tab on the project page is unlocked, the designer can upload the vector version of the logo for the client and the designer's payment can be released.


Someone is using my logo without paying for it! What do I do?

Unfortunately, dealing with copycats is a reality of doing business online. The good news is that it is not too difficult. See our discussion about copyright on the forum and also our guide for sending DMCA notices.


Can I use clip-art or dingbats in my logos?

No, you may not. We have banned designers from LogoGround for using clip-art/dingbats in their designs and we check each new logo closely. When we ban a designer we delete his/her entire account. Much better to start each logo from scratch!


Can I use artificial intelligence (AI)?

No, you may not upload AI-generated or AI-assisted logos to LogoGround. Please see our AI Policy here.


Can I send my client an editable version of the logo?

Normally we would recommend converting all fonts to outlines (or to curves if you work in CorelDraw), but you may also send an editable version if your client specifically wants the fonts intact.


Can I send my client the fonts I used in the logo?

You may only send font names and, if available, a link to where the client can legally download/purchase the font. You may not send font files. Even free fonts may have restrictions on redistribution. Redistributing someone else's font without their permission is just as wrong as someone redistributing your logos without your permission - and it could get you banned from LogoGround.


Does LogoGround check the ZIP file at the end of a project?

Yes, for the most part, we do. If it's your first project it is very likely that a LogoGround employee will check the ZIP file and all the files it contains to make sure you are sending the correct files to your client. For designers who have a string of successfully completed projects we do not check each ZIP file.


Can I post my logos from the 99designs logo store here?

Logos that were listed in the discontinued 99designs logo store can be uploaded to LogoGround on the condition that they were never sold on 99designs (nor anywhere else). Logos sold on 99designs on a "non-exclusive" basis are considered sold. You can not upload them here.


Can I post my logos from StockLogos here?

Logos that were offered for sale on the discontinued StockLogos web site can be uploaded to LogoGround on the condition that they were never sold on StockLogos (nor anywhere else).

We made a summary of the key features of LogoGround to make it easier for designers moving their logos here.


Can potential clients make an offer lower than the asking price?

We discussed this in the forum and the consensus among our designers was that it is not a feature we want on LogoGround. As a marketplace for professionals where quality is the main focus, a "make an offer" button on the logo pages would send the wrong message about the type of work we do. You have the option to enable a "Contact this designer" button on your profile page.


I signed up. Where is the confirmation email?

It was sent immediately when you signed up. If it hasn't arrived yet it might have been routed to your "spam" or "junk mail" folder. Have a look at our email address that the email was sent from. Add that email address to your address book or "safe senders" list to make sure our emails can get through to you. If the confirmation email isn't in your spam folder either, please contact us.


I have more than one designer account. Is that OK?

Yes, it is OK, but it is a bad idea. By having more than one account you are splitting your designer reputation and achievements (badges) between your accounts. All your logos will rank lower than they deserve, decreasing your exposure and sales. On LogoGround one super account is worth a lot more than several average ones!

If you have more than one account for the purpose of inflating your logo likes, that will get you into trouble quickly. We built a way to track this and both accounts can be penalized. You really should not take the gamble. It is easy to detect and the penalty is severe.


If I have more than one designer account, can I merge them?

We can merge the accounts for you. The logos will be moved to the account you specify. The designer reputation in the empty account will be lost. It is not transferred. Badges awarded for a specific logo will transfer with the logo, for example badges awarded for achieving a likes or views milestone. Other badges will not transfer, for example badges for community reviews and forum participation.

To merge your accounts, contact us and be sure to indicate which account(s) should move to which. You should choose the account with the highest designer rank as the receiving account.


I have logos in portfolios on other sites. Can I upload them here?

Yes, but we mercilessly ban copycats and if we find your logos somewhere else we have to know they're yours. See this help page for details on how to get those portfolios approved. Do that before you start uploading them here!


Can I see what the client sees?

Yes, buy a logo ;)

Alternatively, see this help page.


I made a sale. When do I get paid?

Congratulations! :)

We send payments once per month, usually between the 20th and the 24th of the month. Payments may be sent a few days earlier or later.

You will not be eligible for payments immediately. In order to receive payments from LogoGround you must reach the Silver designer level. Most designers can reach the Silver level within a few days of signing up. In the unlikely event that you sell a logo but are never able to reach the Silver level, your payment will still be sent to you, but as a fraud prevention measure the payment must then be delayed for 180 days after which it will be paid at the next payment cycle.Details here.


I'm going to live forever, but what happens to my logos if I don't?

We thought of that too! When you're no longer in this world we want the money from your sales to go to the right people: Your family. If someone in your family can work with the buyers on logo revisions, that's great and they can simply take over the account and benefit from your hard work. If no-one in your family can tell a logo from a hole in the ground, that's ok too. We will do all the work when a logo sells and we will still pay your family 70% of the money from your sales! Details here.


More Answers

Designers, please see the LogoGround Designer Handbook for a detailed look at how everything works. Clients are welcome to take a peek as well!

Or join us in the designer forum.


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