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Hello everyone. Maybe this topic was raised here, but I didn't find it.
The designer has uploaded a lot of works and is waiting for the long-awaited sale. And when it happens, do you send just ONE email? Is this a joke?
OK, you don't admit anything except email, but give me more chances, send 2-3 emails during this day. You can also do this by automatic mailing. After all, among the many letters, especially on holidays, this is the only letter that can be overlooked.
It even looks more like the desire of the administration so that the designer would have less chance to respond to the sale and the project would take over the site. It's sad, of course.
OK, they took it for revision, changed the text in the font of the finished logo and it costs 85% of the logo price? Is it not pressing anywhere? To be honest, I had a better opinion of this service. And the technical support is completely deaf.

Sains Blast

Yes, that's the rule from Logoground, just one email notification is enough. You can go alone, take the time once every 24 hours to check your account


Well it is clear rule of logoground if you cant check your account all the time because of busy schedule or during holidays you could have switch to passive account mode so you at least get 70%. Lets just learn from it and to check our accounts regularly.


I understand that many people accept everything as it is and they are satisfied with it. But why couldn't the service be better? It's not difficult to send 2-3 letters, is it? Or it's like a casino or a lottery, there's only one chance.
Let the administrator write here that yes it is so planned and we don't care about your opinion.

It's also funny when those who have not sold any logo here write about it. To be honest, I'm sure your opinion would have changed if you had missed this cherished letter)))

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Checking the community page (where you see the latest sold logos) only takes a couple of seconds, if you're so busy that you can't do that, then you probably don't have time to attend to any sales. The notification system works well, it's our responsibility to attend these notifications. On the other hand, LG recommend us to check the website at least once a day, since sometimes, very rarely, the notification system can fail.

Yes, sales can take years, for that reason we should be attentive.

I recommend saving the community page as favorite on your internet browser, in your phone and computer, so you have a quick access to that page.

Edit: This is a direct link to the community page:


Ortega Graphics


One email is enough.

I find it extremely annoying when I receive multiple emails from a company at short intervals; sometimes even multiple times a day (for example: “your order is ready for pick up”, “you can pick up your order in our store”, “reminder about your order”, “you have three days to pick up your order”, “don’t forget about your order”, “your order is still in our store”, “have you forgotten about your order?”, etc.).

That being said, LogoGround already offers, as a courtesy, the possibility of entering two email addresses and selecting the check-box option “Send sales notifications to both emails” (this is on the Account Details page).

In any case, all users are fully aware of the abandoned-logo policy; users simply can’t register without agreeing in full to the terms of the LogoGround User Agreement. As recommended by LogoGround, users should not rely solely on email notifications. Thus, it is the user’s responsibility to check the website once a day to avoid missing a sale.

Since I joined LogoGround on February 28th, 2017, I have visited the website daily and I will continue to do so; I have never missed a sale and I am certain that I will never miss a sale.

Hope this helps,

Ortega Graphics

Edited 2024-01-21 by GetLogo permalink ANCHOR

I think that when this letter is about the sale of your logo, it can not annoy, but only please. About the two addresses, I didn't know, I should use this. Thank you.
And it's easy enough to skip one letter, especially when there's a lot to do.

Edited 2024-01-21 by ajleroux permalink ANCHOR

Hi GetLogo,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Since the early days of LogoGround we have worked to improve the system in an effort to minimize missed sales and reassigned logo projects.

We added email notifications, we added DKIM and SPF authentication to our emails to maximize the chance that they go to your inbox and not to your spam folder. We added the option to have the notification email automatically CC'ed to a second email address in case you miss the main one.

More recently we created the two accounts option. If you can't or don't want to check the site daily you can switch your account to the Passive option, where we work with the client on your behalf and we still pay you 70% of the sale amount.

I don't think sending multiple emails is a good idea. I agree with Ortega Graphics that it would be annoying. Even if you don't find it annoying it is still a problem, because people who do find it annoying might report it as spam, which then makes it more likely that future notification emails will go to people's spam folders instead of to their inboxes, resulting in more missed sales.

As always, we appreciate suggestions and we will continue to implement good ones.

And as we have always said, email will never be 100% reliable so if you want to be sure to never miss a sale, please check the site once per day.


It is a very clear rule of logoground, I think it focuses more on giving the client an immediate response. In particular, I check my account or the one @aefirit indicates. https://www.logoground.com/community.php
If I can't do this daily for any particular reason, I just switch to a passive account and use the Bulk price to adjust the profit, at least then you keep 70% on each sale

Ortega Graphics


Just a quick reminder; you should familiarize yourself with the forum rules:

It is indicated: “[…] If you believe that LogoGround itself is dishonest or has treated someone unfairly, you may post it on the forum for everyone to discuss, but your comments must include relevant, verifiable research/evidence/facts, or must be posed as a question. Speculative claims will usually be deleted.”

The opening post of this forum topic clearly violates this particular rule. Next time, you should either restrain yourself, or present your case in a way that doesn’t violate the forum rules.

Just some thoughts,

Ortega Graphics


Hello "GetLogo"...

For me, in order not to miss email notifications about purchasing our logo, which carries the consequence of having to serve all revision/correction requests from buyers and so on, I tend to choose a "Passive Account"... quite safe.

Even though to this day not one of my logos has been purchased.

I keep checking the "Community Page" tool every day at least 3x a day... ha..ha...ha


I always check my email regularly, and keep trying to create a good logo to sell.

make it passive to get 70%


You're very cool. I'll try to be like you.


I usually check my account at least once a day at night when i'm going to bed. Yeah i know it might be disappointing to us if we facing this kinda thing. to this day i still haven't sold any logo yet but i think it's important to understand and stick to the rule.

Have a nice day.

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