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Forum Fed Up With So Many Declined Logos After Reaching Silver Level


Edited 2024-01-24 by Classgraphics permalink ANCHOR

Since I achieved silver-level status a week or so ago, I have not been able to get any new designs approved, and I am getting a little fed up with so many rejections because even if I say so myself, some of them have been quite good.

Maybe they were not world-class masterpieces (I consider myself to be nothing more than an entirely 'average' designer) but they were good enough to have brought about my elevation to silver status because nothing has particularly changed in my design output since I achieved that level, and I am still making the same types or similar types of designs I have always done. I wonder, how on earth I reached silver status in the first place. Just getting 10 approvals in succession was the hardest thing I've done in ages.

Yesterday, four of my designs were declined with the usual pointless comment; "This Logo has Potential", and today two more were declined with the same wording of unhelpfulness:

With so many rejections, I wonder if at some point I might be in danger of losing that silver status because, with the points deduction for each declined logo, there must eventually come a point where punitive action is a possibility

Anyway, this is just a little rant to work things out of my system (that will likely be my final word on the matter) because, like any normal human, I am upset and annoyed that my design work is being rejected so frequently - something I am sure many other people feel daily.


It's not about being a good person or not. I understand your frustration and it is understandable, however I think that at logoground they are not satisfied with the word "average designer", they want that with each level increase your designs also have an obvious increase in quality and creativity. It's a higher level and with great power comes great responsibility Parker. Put aside your anger and frustration, cleanse your soul and mind of those feelings and design logos again according to the new level you have just received. Creative, unique, original and with great quality. May the Force be with you

Edited 2024-01-23 by MazXameth permalink ANCHOR

Hi, Classgraphics.

I understand your frustration with the recent rejections and the repetitive comments. It can be disheartening, but remember that creative work is subjective. Your silver badge reflects your past successes, so try to focus on refining your designs and seeking constructive feedback. Sales may take time, and your dedication will likely lead to positive outcomes. Keep creating, and don't let setbacks diminish your passion.

About the silver badge you received, I once read in a discussion here that it won't disappear even if your points turn negative.

Hope this helps! (~‾▿‾)~


Hi Classgraphics,

Many thanks for the feedback. It is completely understandable that you feel that way. Keep in mind that it is in LogoGround's interest to approve good logos. So although you are not getting the decisions going your way at the moment you can at least be sure that the decisions reflect the honest opinion of the admin.

You cannot lose your Silver ranking. Your reputation points can drop below 20 (which is the requirement for Silver), but your Silver ranking can't be lost. It only means that you have further to go to get to the Gold level.

To clarify: We don't expect higher quality from higher ranked designers. In fact, the higher your ranking climbs the more likely we are to approve your logos, because your high ranking signals to us that you know what you are doing. If we are unsure of a logo, a high designer ranking can tip the scales in your favor.


Thank you, MazXameth and Ajleroux
I very much appreciate your comments and information.


Classgraphics, I think youre doing fine, i checked your profile and see many great designs although some of them look like clip art but still i see you have what it takes to create great design just polish your skill even more you might as well try other style or type of logo but i like how deep and clever your logos are just polish them even more and im sure you wont have to worry about declines :) hope it helps.

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