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Since joining Logoground I have mostly been uploading respective SVG files with each logo submission, (as per recommendations I've read), along with the mandated Jpg previews, but how does a "Passive Account" work with just the SVG files? In other words, how does possession of just the SVG files enable Logoground to do "all the work" (editing/modifying/re-wording, etc.)?

I could understand how it would work if Logoground had the master source files (with non-outlined text) such EPS or, in my case, the original Adobe Illustrator files, but simply having the SVG files can't be an easy thing to work with - especially when the respective logo has unique visual effects and characteristics such as those created through the Appearance Panel (in Adobe Illustrator).

I do not doubt that Logoground has excellent in-house Designers who could probably recreate any design, but how long would that take and wouldn't that be inefficient and time-consuming, whereas having the master source files could make life easier for all concerned? Simply changing the logo text to the buyer's business name in itself would involve a lot of effort and probably the need for font alternatives.

I accept that when submitting a new logo, the options available are either SVG or EPS files but if the former is selected (SVG) I don't see how a designer can then opt for a "Passive Account", and if, at a future point, the designer decides to switch over to a "Passive Account" (from an "Active Account") I don't see any facility to replace the existing SVG files in their portfolio with EPS files for logos that are already approved. In such a scenario, would the designer have to re-submit all previously approved logos as wholly new submissions simply to associate them with EPS files?

I have a feeling there is an obvious answer to my question, but I have looked through the FAQ sections and various forums to no avail.

Raisa collection

My logo was sold when my account was passive and the file was SVG, I didn't do anything because the logoground admin did the revisions and served customers. I just sat there waiting for the payment to come in.


Hi Classgraphics,

Starting from the SVG file is not always ideal, but it makes little to no difference in the amount of time that we spend working on revisions. As long as we have a vector format (like SVG) we can work from there. We think it is worth it to allow SVG uploads to accommodate more designers even though it complicates things for us slightly.

If you switch to a Passive account you do not have to re-upload anything :)


Thats great, Raisa collection and Logoground! Thank you very much for explaining things!
Best wishes!

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