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Logo Buyer FAQ

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I am not in the United States. Can I still order?

Yes, absolutely. We have clients (and designers) from all corners of the globe.


Are these logos really unique, once-off designs?

Yes, they are. When a logo is sold it is automatically marked as sold and will never be for sale again, unless you sell it. From time to time sold logos are removed as our designers upload new logos.

Each logo uploaded to LogoGround is reviewed by admins and the designer community before it is put up for sale. Plagiarists don't last long here! That said, we cannot guarantee that the logo you buy from LogoGround can be registered as a copyright/trademark in your region. It is not practical for us to do an exhaustive search beforehand, especially as you have the option to request changes to the design when you purchase it. We therefor highly recommend registering your new logo as a trademark as soon as possible and before you start using it, just to be certain that it isn't accidentally too similar to an existing logo.


Are these same logos also sold elsewhere?

The majority of logos on LogoGround are exclusive to LogoGround, but if a designer earns a good reputation on LogoGround we will make an exception and allow them to sell their logos on multiple sites, on the condition that the logo is immediately removed from all sites if it sells on one. We handle this on a case-by-case basis so that we're sure every designer understands this condition beforehand.


How long does it take before I receive my customized logo?

Turnaround time is one business day per revision. This also applies when you do not want any changes to the logo. If your designer does not respond within one business day, a LogoGround staff designer will be available to give you access to the logo files and/or make changes to the logo if needed.


Do I pay extra for changes?

No, changes to the logo are always included in the price. However, the type of changes are limited. Major changes to the image itself may cost extra. Changes to the colors, text, fonts and layout are always included for free. In cases where the preview does not include text the designer can still add your company text at no additional cost.


Do I pay extra for multiple versions of my logo?

The first, main logo is included in the price. If you want more than one version of the logo there may be an extra cost. It is standard practice in logo design to charge a small fee per variation of the logo to be finalized and your designer has the option to set the price and payment method (typically PayPal). LogoGround recommends $50 per logo for minor changes/variations, but this is up to the designer.


The logo I want is sold. Can you make me one exactly like it?

No, unfortunately not. When we sell a logo we transfer the copyright to the buyer. If we gave you the same logo (or a very similar logo) we'd be violating someone else's copyright. Browse through our available logos, browse by category or use the search feature at the top of the page. Alternatively a new custom logo may be the way to go. We do not currently offer custom logo design at LogoGround. Consider LogoLogo.com for custom logos.


Will I be able to print my logo on business cards, letterheads etc.?

Yes, absolutely. The logo is delivered to you in EPS vector format (that printers use) and in high-resolution JPG format. That's if you download it immediately without requesting changes. If you request changes you have the option to ask your designer to deliver the logo in additional formats - like PSD, PDF etc. There's no additional charge for additional formats.

You can use your logo for anything, from vehicle wraps and signage to a Facebook profile pic.


How many revisions do I get?

You receive unlimited revisions, but there is a time limit. The revisions process completes 30 days after the order. At that point the designer has the option to continue the work for free or to request an additional payment if you would like to try more variations of the logo before picking a winner.


Can I see an example of logo revisions?

Here you go :) Logo example


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you may ask for a refund at any point during the 30 day revisions period. A refund can not be issued once the final logo files have been delivered to you. > More information


Can you also design my business cards and web site?

At LogoGround we want to focus on logos only, but once your logo is complete you may continue to work with any of our designers outside of LogoGround. During the logo design phase ask your designer for his/her email address. Even if you don't need additional design work now, having the contact details of the person who designed your logo is a good idea!


Is English the only supported language?

We have designers from many countries, but we cannot guarantee that they will be able to help you in your native language. English is, for now, the only officially supported language on LogoGround. If your English is poor we will still do our best to assist you!


What about copyright?

The copyright to the final logo automatically transfers to you. At the completion of the project, LogoGround will provide you with a Transfer of Copyright document that you can save/print for your records. The only right that the designer and LogoGround retain is the right to display the logo in our respective portfolios of completed work.


What about international copyright?

Copyright is virtually international thanks to the Berne Convention which enforces a requirement that countries recognize copyrights held by the citizens of all other signatories. Almost every country in the world is a signatory. For more about the Berne Convention, see the Wikipedia article and a list of signatories. In short, your copyright is valid virtually anywhere in the world.


Can I trademark my logo?

Yes, you can. In fact, we highly recommend registering your logo as a trademark as soon as your designer delivers the final logo files to you. It is the best way to (1) make sure your logo isn't accidentally too similar to any other logo and to (2) protect your logo from potential copycats.


What qualifications do your designers have?

We screen our designers based on their work alone, not their qualifications. We don't make it too easy for our designers. Anyone can sign up to sell logos, but each logo is individually approved by our designer community and a site admin before it becomes available on the site. We set the bar very, very high.


How do you prevent "rip-offs" being sold as original logos?

Each logo that is uploaded is reviewed by the designer community and a site admin before it is publicly viewable and available for sale. If there's any doubt about the originality of a logo, it is rejected. If a rip-off slips through, the community typically flags it very quickly and the designer will, at the first offence, have their account closed, all their logos deleted, the money in their account forfeited and they will be permanently blocked from selling on LogoGround. Our policy is to respect copyright over and above the minimum legal requirement.


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