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Money-back guarantee

More than just a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not delighted with your purchase you may request a refund of your money. When you request a refund you will not be required to give a reason. We appreciate feedback, but we leave that up to you. We will refund the full order amount.

There is no fine print.

The following are the only conditions:

1. Once you request or gain access to the vector source file of the logo, a refund can no longer be issued. If you order the logo “as is”, the designer will make the vector source file available almost right away, eliminating the option of a refund. If you order the logo with changes, the vector source file will only be made available once you approve/accept the changes (preview of the customized logo).

2. You may only request a refund within the first 30 days following your order.

3. You are of course allowed to change your mind, but what you can't do is order multiple logos for the purpose of testing different options and then refunding all but the “winner”. LogoGround is not a logo design contest web site. LogoGround may, at its discretion, deny your refund requests for the logo options that you do not want if it appears that you are indeed testing multiple options.

If you have any questions about our refund policy, please get in touch!

Note to designers:
Giving clients a no-fuss way to bail out may seem counter-productive, but it isn't. Having a solid guarantee like the one above means more sales in the long run. Our clients have the confidence to order knowing that they will leave here with either a great logo or their money. We've been doing it this way for over a decade. It works.


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