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Top Deer Logos

The top 20 deer logos, as voted for by you. We are amazed at the level of creativity of some of our designers. You would think that there are only so many cool ways to draw a deer in a logo, but we constantly see more logos that find unique and interesting ways to capture deer in logo form. Here is our top 20 deer logos.

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Deer Park Homes Logo
by Gregory Grigoriou (Grigoriou)
Copyright 2016, Grigoriou

The antlers of a buck form an elegant hand made tree shape in this rustic logo with a small town feel.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-10-18

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Minimal Deer Logo
by Estrella Design (Estrella)
Copyright 2016, Estrella

A unique, professional, clean, simple, minimal line deer logo design. If you have any questions please contact me.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-06-03

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Deer Tree Logo
by Nauval Zawawi (ava_nauval)
Copyright 2019, ava_nauval

A semi vintage logo presented in illustration style. Designed with thick strokes with fine and soft details and colors. It is good to use for any type of business and companies that are processed traditionally, organically or naturally (food, drinks, clothing, etc.).

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-07-22

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Deer Goddess Logo
by Tom Csete (kirklazarus80)
Copyright 2020, kirklazarus80

Between two deer the goddess. Simple clean symbols. Made with simple lines. I want to express with this symbol that nature is much bigger than man and we need to respect it much more. I recommend it to anyone who respects nature, animals and plants.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-04-20

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Swirly Deer Horns Logo
by Dalia Sanad (dalia)
Copyright 2015, dalia

This logo is great for nature reserve, vacation location, resort, lounge, hunting store, wild life photographer, home décor, interior design, restaurant, café, home staging, home accessories store, clothing store, gift shop, floral designer, consulting, event or wedding planner, residential real estate...

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2015-11-26

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Deer Lady Tree Logo
by Viktor Mischenko (roktiv)
Copyright 2019, roktiv

deer with tree looking horns for cosmetic/beauty product, fitness club or healthy food society

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-05-07

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Roe Deer Logo
by Adrian Daniluk (ADesign)
Copyright 2023, ADesign

Modern roe deer logo. Clean and geometric mark which looks great in both large and small formats and can be easily reproduced in a single flat color. Very suitable mark for many brands.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2023-04-08

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Proud Deer Logo
by Mersad Comaga (mc design)
Copyright 2016, mc design

Highly stylized and modern deer logo for your business

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-05-11

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Deer Logo
by Teddy Yulianto (Snaidjer)
Copyright 2016, Snaidjer

Modern and Minimalist logo design deer with Monoline Concept.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-09-21

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Happy Healthy Deer Logo Logo
by Mohd Razali Mohamad Raub (morabira)
Copyright 2016, morabira

Happy Healthy Deer Logo; Fun, simple, beautiful and nice uniquely designed happy deer logo that conveys feminine suitable for tailor, thread mill, fashion, clothing, garment, consulting, personal brand, tattoo, spa, boutique, healthcare, medical, medicine and vitamin supplement. The symbol itself will looks nice as social media avatar and website or mobile icon.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-07-05

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Deer Logo
by Reza Irawan (arez)
Copyright 2019, arez

This beautiful logo is great for traveling agency, safari, nature reserve, zoo, bovine breeding, cattle ranch, tourist office, wildlife preservation, ecological lifestyles, vacation location, resort, lounge, eco friendly company, hunting store, wild life photographer, home décor, interior design, restaurant, café, and much more.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-04-01

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Deer&moon Logo
by Oleg Martcenko (Mubbe)
Copyright 2017, Mubbe

The logo is suitable for a national park / preserve, as well as any company in whose logo the image of a deer is appropriate.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-06-04

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Deer Head
by Indra Kurniawan (indrakurniawan)
Copyright 2017, indrakurniawan

Simple and modern monogram deer head can be place for general company icon

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-09-30

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Deer Logo
by Petar Kilibarda (Cope)
Copyright 2018, Cope

A modern line-art style of a deer in the badge.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-03-10

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Deer Logo
by Julia Khodina (Juja)
Copyright 2018, Juja

A deer logotype with horns in the form of leaves against the background of nature, which symbolizes the purity and environmental friendliness of the company's products.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-05-25

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Moon Deer Logo
by Marko Vlasic (MarkoVlasic Design)
Copyright 2018, MarkoVlasic Design

Unique memorable logo with deer silhouette and the full moon in the background. Logo is very versatile, it can be used from nature to motion picture brands and so many things in between.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-08-13

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Deer Logo
by Ivan Markov (Jesus316)
Copyright 2019, Jesus316

The logotype is suits perfectly for a restaurant. Also logo could be customised, the fork could be changed to something else.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-05-21

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Deer Logo
by Roman Dodonov (IIsixoO)
Copyright 2019, IIsixoO

Logotype of a deer with a zipper on the forehead. Its design used a modern style. It is perfect for a personal brand, photographer, fashion designer, stylist.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-04-03

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Dreamy Deer Landscape Logo
by Gila Von Meissner (CrossTheLime)
Copyright 2019, CrossTheLime

Dreamy deer silhouette, with a double exposure landscape superimposed.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-12-25

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Elegant Deer Logo
by Jurr Van Hout (Fenrir Design)
Copyright 2020, Fenrir Design

This graceful deer design has a modern and sophisticated appearance. Because of it's feminine look, this logo would work great in the beauty industry as wel as the fashion industry. This unique design will have a great impact on your audience, as it is memorable and strong.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-09-11

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