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Click on the best logo
(The one most likely to be favored by professional logo designers)


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Click on the best logo out of the four presented.

There are 50 sets of four logos. Choose the best logo by clicking on it. The next set will load immediately. Logo selection is semi-random. You may see the same logo more than once.

We will show you how you did at the end!

Don't refresh the page. That adds one wrong answer.
Don't press you browser back button. That also adds one wrong answer.

Don't double-click or double-tap on a logo. That adds a wrong answer for every additional click/tap!


Check personal taste at the door.
Typography matters when text is included.
The logo scores reflect the opinions of many people, most of whom are logo designers, so your goal here is to pick the one that would get the loudest applause from a room full of logo designers.

Scoring System

How does LogoGround know which logo is better?

On LogoGround every logo has a score, based on factors such as the votes the logo received during community review, the ranking of the designer who made it, the number of likes a logo receives once published etc.
In addition, if a high ranking designer clicks on the "wrong" logo here on the logo exam page that also contributes to its score. This means
the exam is getting better all the time, the score becoming a more and more accurate reflection of the collective opinion of experienced logo designers.


Your average score on this exam may improve your designer ranking on LogoGround, provided that you:

1. Are logged in to LogoGround.
2. Already have a designer rank of Silver or higher.

This exam can only increase your designer rank. No matter how badly you do your designer rank will not be decreased by this exam.

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